Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mid-Week Confessions

First of all, thank you to all my lady friends who posted comments on my blog and Facebook. Your words have been a breath of fresh air during a very exciting and busy time! :)

Now, let's do some confessing...

*I have been making a lot of excuses lately when it comes to the food I have consumed. Actually, it would be safe to say that just one excuse has been made. For example: "Why of course I must scarf down that chocolate glazed donut...I'm pregnant!" Or even better, "I deserve this chocolate chip cookie...I'm pregnant." Ah well, I only have four more weeks to use that excuse. Then I am sure it will change to, "I definitely deserve _________ (fill in the blank), I just birthed a tiny human!"

*Lately, I have been acting like I am the toughest pregnant lady on the block for the majority of every day. Then around 8 P.M., I have a hormonal and body meltdown. My mommy friends promise me this is normal.

*Still obsessed with Dance Moms - to my surprise, I just found out that there will be a spin-off called Dance Moms: Miami. As long as they don't take my Abby Lee away, I think I can manage watching both.

*I just finished reading the third book in the Hunger Games Series, Mockingjay. I absolutely loved it. (By the way, I have not seen the film yet. I will be writing a review when I do though!) At times, I was a little disturbed, and I am also not sure how they will handle some of the violence in the third book when the film for it rolls around. However, overall, an amazing series. Since its completion though, I am sadly missing a good fiction book. The confession part of this is that am increasingly more interested in reading Young Adult (YA) books, than I am Adult Fiction. Last night, I bought a sample of this YA novel on my Nook:

And I loved it. Therefore, I shall be purchasing it this evening and beginning my obsession with YA novels situated in dystopian settings once again.

*Cooking-wise, I have developed a small obsession (seems to be the theme of this post) with using egg roll wrappers in precarious ways. For instance, last week I made Chicken Parmesan Wraps using them. Check it out:
Tonight, I'm making mini-lasagnas using egg roll wrappers. They are so versatile and who doesn't love little, tiny lasagnas???
Here's hoping mine look like these! Alright, time to cook...enough confessions!


Monday, March 26, 2012

For All You Wise Ones...

It's hard to believe, but in 5 weeks me and Mike will be the parents of a baby boy named Hank.

That is if he actually shows up on his due date, which according to statistics, only happens with 5% of babies out there. If my son is anything like his mother and father, he will fully support the theory of fashionably late.

However, since I am in the "countdown" phase, there are at least 100 thoughts and questions that run through my mind concerning our baby on a daily basis. Instead of doing a Google search, I thought I would try something more interactive and definitely not as frightening. WebMD anyone? Yikes!

I would love to hear feedback from those more experienced mommas out there regarding my top five "What I REALLY Need to Know Before Hank" questions.  Trust me, it was incredibly hard to narrow my 100 plus thoughts and questions down to five, but I think for me these are the most essential. I would appreciate any feedback or ideas, as I consider myself I pretty open-minded person who is not easily offended by advice, especially on a topic I know nothing about. :)

So, for those of you intrigued by this ideas, please read on and share your wisdom in a comment following this post! Also, if you are reading this through Facebook, just comment or shoot me a message.

1.  What did you or do you consider to be essential baby items to have before baby's arrival?

2. In terms of nesting, what was the most helpful OCD organization project you took on for baby's arrival? :)

3. If you could give one piece of advice about the first day/night home with baby, what would it be?

4. This one may take some humility: What is one mistake you made and what did you do to fix it?

5. What was the best advice you received prior to having your baby or babies?

I am excited to read your feedback!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Nursery Reveal!

After months of preparation by me and (mostly) Mike, we are finally ready to reveal Hank's kingdom! It has been so much fun, and continues to be, to get his little room ready for his arrival. None of this would have been possible without our loving family and friends who have showered us with help and gifts! There are still a few items that remain to fully complete it, but truly great things are always a work in progress, right???

Crib for Hank...Ultra Comfortable, Want-to-Live-in-Chair for Parents :) Oh and what baby doesn't need a bear skin rug?

Changing Table/Dresser - ignore the pile of his clothes...this boy is already taking after his momma!
Opposite Side of Hank's Room with his plethora of gifts that need to find a home! Please note Hank's first DUKE basketball and the cute stuffed animals from his CeeCee (my mom's chosen grandmother name)!

Close-Up of His Crib - we like to call his "theme", Animal Extravaganza! Also, we love the cute "Hank" blanket from Cousin Jennifer and Family! 
Thanks for visiting Hank's Hang-Out today! More pictures to come! Only 6 weeks to go and a baby will be added to this room! We are beyond elated! :)

Till then,