Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Five Products We Couldn't Live Without...

Lately I feel like I should change my blog subtitle to "BABY, BABY, BABY!" So much for "everything in moderation"; however, I definitely do not think that mantra applies to your adorable two month old son named, Hank. Therefore, those of you disinterested in the life of a baby momma and poppa, simply click away and return when I actually am interested in other subjects. :)

Last night, well actually this morning around 3 A.M., I had just finished feeding Hank and was putting him back to bed when I realized that there are several products that we have for little man that we definitely couldn't make it without. (Please realize this is an exaggeration - I mean we could live without them, but they do make life with our sweet baby even sweeter.)

1. THE Nap Nanny a.k.a "The Baby Recliner"

Let me just say that this piece of baby paraphernalia changed our lives the day it graced us with its presence. Prior to our purchase, Hank was sleeping, but only in 45 minute segments. He simply hated to be flat on his back. No matter what swaddler we used, how long we rocked him, or even if we positioned him on his side, he just wasn't having it.

My glorious mother and good friend, Brooke, told me about this so-called "Nap Nanny". Apparently, it's like sleeping catnip for babies, once you put them in it, they are guaranteed some sleep and so are you! I was skeptical, as was Mike, at first because very few baby products live up to their name, but let me tell you, this was completely worth it!

It's a little bit of a splurge, but totally worth the sleep results you get from it, especially if your baby has acid reflux. Come to find out, I am pretty sure every baby has or has had reflux. Who knew?

2. White Noise Lite App

While reading during Hank's late night feedings, I learned about the power of white noise and babies. I thought this might be helpful, as our little man is a mover. He constantly has those arms, legs, or both going at any moment during the day. This does not exclude bedtime.

So, I would like to thank my iPhone for providing this application: White Noise Lite. It has around six sounds to choose from and some are completely annoying; however, our favorite is "Waves Crashing". All I have to do is turn this on and Hank starts to chill out. What's even better is that you can set a timer and put it on sleep mode!

3. Bug Bands

While I am International Safety Patrol Junior - my mother being the Senior Officer of the Patrol - we do enjoy being outdoors. However, outdoors = bugs, especially with the lack of winter we had this year. (Listen to me getting all Farmer's Almanac on you!)

These bands are great to hook on to baby's carrier or stroller. They definitely work as we used them when we went to a surprise birthday party by a large pond. Here's the proof for you - Hank who was surrounded by these bands, did not get any bites - SCORE! However, his mother was covered in them - haha...

Oh, and they are safe for kids as well - no chemicals, etc.

4. Wubbanub
I am looking to the future with this product. While I bought this exact Wubbanub last week, Hank is still a little too little to hold on to the puppy for a long period of time. Sometimes, if he focuses really hard he gets it though!

The idea of the Wubbanub, if you are interested, is that it promotes the keeping of the pacifier in the baby's mouth as opposed to the constant spitting out of the pacifier! :) Sometimes I think it's a game that Hank plays with me and secretly he does it on purpose.
Regardless, these Wubbanubs are just adorable - simply saying their name puts a downright goofy smile on your face. Try it....see?

5. Sleeping Gowns

This is probably a "DUH" choice for many of you experienced moms out there. Yet, I thought I should still share the benefits of these cute little pajamas!

I originally strayed away from these, as I thought they were too girly for the little man who was soon to arrive. However, come to find out little boy babies look adorable in these too!

They are so nice for multiple diaper changes throughout the night AND they double as a blanket!

Also, I really like this particular one so immediately after finishing this post I am going to order it.

Well, I hope that this was some semblance of helpful for those of you who are mommies or mommies to be!

More soon,


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Month Update

It's incredibly hard to believe that TWO MONTHS have passed since Hank was born. I pretty sure that I will be beginning every month update post with a statement similar to that. They don't lie when they say that time flies!

With that said, a lot has been going on in the world of Hank (and his parents)...

- I am now officially a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), and not just for the summer. This lady will be staying home with her little man full time. I am so thankful to be able to have the best job in the world day in and day out - Hank's Mommy! Looking forward to all of our adventures to come!

Moving on to the really good stuff now....the Hankster!

Two Months brings lots of fun! Here is what he has been up to...

-Smiling A LOT!
-Every now and then you can hear a little giggle. This has to absolutely be the cutest sound my ears have every heard.
-Being curious ALL OF THE TIME. If he is awake that head is moving around the room, checking everything out.
-Playing a little more - he loves his play mat. He has fun staring at all of the colors of the little animals that hang from it. He also enjoys kicking and hitting them as well.
-Sleeping a little longer at night! One night we had a whopping SIX hour stretch! That hasn't happened since, but his 3-5 hour stretches are okay with us too. I always tell people that we went into this thinking he wouldn't ever sleep, so every bit we get seems amazing!!
-Hanging out with each set of his grandparents while mommy and daddy have had two date nights. :)
-Testing out his voice - his little coos are fun! You can tell he is trying so hard to communicate!

New facial expressions are priceless!
This absolutely makes my heart melt...and also makes me not get a thing done...but who cares! :) 

Finally, check out the documentation of Father's, Grandfather's, and Uncle's Day 2012...
Aren't they all just the cutest??? Needless to say, everyone knew they belonged to the same group! 

Till then,