Monday, September 6, 2010

Garage Pros!

So, a few weeks ago, Mike and I set out to complete a project we had been waiting to do for months: finish the garage floor! Now, while many of you may not find this particular project exciting or intriguing, just wait until you see the finished product!

As a Christmas gift, Mike's sister and brother-in-law got us this:

We got to pick our color, and we chose what you see on this box! Chris (brother-in-law) works for Valspar and we were pumped to get this!

After close viewing of the instructional DVD (by Mike), we were off to tackle our garage:

Pre-Project (We Love America and Tennis!)
After a two days of work (one entirely done by my amazing husband) and just a few drops of paint covering our bodies and in my hair, we successfully completed our garage and LOVE it!

My, who is that good-looking man???


We are currently taking appointments to professionally finish YOUR garage today! ;)

Hopefully posting again soon....