Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid-Week Confessions

These are my confessions...

1. I used to absolutely love the song "Confessions" by Usher. Thus the reason for the cheesy intro to this post. In fact, I think I will search for that CD - yes, CD - and listen to it on the way to work tomorrow morning.

2. I had a small panic attack when I found out that I now weigh 192 pounds. Yes, I am 31 weeks pregnant. Yes, I know this is normal. Yes, I know I am six feet tall. Finally, yes, I know that most of this is Hank, amniotic fluid, etc. Still, as a first time pregnant momma it is a somewhat shocking to step on the scale and see that number climbing. On the positive side, my doctor says I am completely healthy and this means good things for my little man!

3. Lately, I have been viciously taking advantage of the "pregnancy" card. My students have fallen prey to this card on a daily basis. I mean, how often will I be able to do this? It's completely harmless...right? :)

4. I am OBSESSED with the reality show, Dance Moms. Here are some reasons why this is a guilty confession:
  • It is on Lifetime - a.k.a the "he-done-her-wrong-channel", a term coined by my nana.
  • If you haven't seen it, it's basically about these 8-9 year old dancers who are incredibly taltented and they are coached by crazy Abby Lee. She is unrealistically evil and manipulative.
  • Most of the drama revolves around the even more manipulative mothers. Oh wow...if I ever remotely come close to acting like that, someone tranquilize me stat.
5. Catalog jealousy has set in for me. As I receive all of these catalogs and e-mails featuring the cute and colorful spring collections for some of my favorite stores, it makes me hope that these outfits will still be around post-Hank's debut so that I can wear them! I honestly cannot even look at them's too hard to know I can't be a part of their world right now. Geeze, what is this, cheesy song lyric day?