Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Three Months...ALREADY?!?!?

Hank's stats this month were figured by his mommy and daddy at home since he doesn't go to the doctor this month. They may be a little off, but not too much!

People definitely are not kidding when they say time flies after you have your baby. It is so hard to believe that THREE MONTHS ago (well, a week and three months ago), Henry Michael Holtzhower was born! These months have definitely been a change, but what a wonderful change it has been!

Here is what we have been up first!

Hank loves tummy time, smiling, and his Aunt Katie!

Hanging out with Brady at my High School Reunion!

First actual nap flat on his back!

Hank is a great traveler - we have been to Kingsport TWICE! He sleeps the whole time! When he's not sleeping he is smiling and laughing!

Hank has enjoyed being dressed up by his mommy...

Working hard!

He has taken to wearing a sombrero and smoking a pipe - these habits could pose a problem. :)

Thinking  deeply...

Being introduced to Mommy's favorite stuffed animal when she was little...

Just plain having fun!!!

For those interested, here are a few more firsts that Mr. Hank has experienced this month:

- Slept through the night THREE WHOLE TIMES! :)
- Speaking of sleeping, he only wakes up once a night - Mommy and Daddy can handle that!
- While on his tummy time wedge, he has rolled over several times - he loves it! Mommy on the other hand, will have to keep a close eye on her little mover!
-His hands - the kid is obsessed with them. If he isn't staring at them, they are in his mouth.
-Drooling - yep...everywhere...if something or someone is remotely close to him they are covered in it!
-Laughing and Smiling a TON - these both just melt my heart!
-Cuddling with Mommy or Daddy - this is a new comfort that we have discovered. If he is fussy, all we have to do is lay down on the bed or couch with him and rub his back. In about five minutes, he is out like a light. :) It feels nice to be needed by our little man.

The next month brings lots of fun and new adventures as we are going to the BEACH! Granted, we will be staying in a house with my parents, sister, sister's boyfriend, and aunts/uncles, but nevertheless, it will be an adventure in HankLand!

Till Then,