Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 In the spirit of a return to the blog world (for now), I have decided to link up with one of my favorite blogs, E,Myself, and I and confess my soul to you all...


1. I really want to be this awesome, committed blogger. However, I often find other "things" to do like watch horrible television shows.

2. I really like the following shows (in no particular order): The Client List, Dance Moms, and Army Wives. Lifetime has a dedicated viewer in me. The worst of all these though, might be The Client List. As a viewer, I somehow feel so sorry for pitiful and hideous Jennifer Love Hewitt, a.k.a Riley Parks, as she has to juggle being a jilted wife, mother, and owner of a spa that is not at all legit. Sometimes when I watch it, I just laugh and laugh and the dialogue. I want to know who gets paid to write those scripts? Alas, I still watch it every week and enjoy every minute.

3. I use the word "really" far too much when writing and speaking.

4. I love wearing new clothes. I mean I wash those suckers and wear them out for like 3-5 days, which I can do because I rarely see the same people every day and Hank doesn't mind. :)

5. I create unhealthy oatmeal recipes. Just last week, I was telling my mom about my Funfetti Oatmeal (funfetti mix - you choose the amount, milk, and oatmeal...then nuke it!) and she stopped me and said, "I'm not sure how good that is for you..." Nevertheless, I think I will make some tomorrow.

*On a side note, Jello Instant Pudding mix is also really scrumptious in oatmeal as well. Just throwing that out there. 

6. I am so excited for the last Sookie Stackhouse book to be released in two weeks! For those of you that are not a total nerd like me, the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris are what the show True Blood is based off of. Lots of vampires, werewolves, shifters, and fairies. And for some unknown reason, they are the best.books.ever.

Enough for now...I think a nap is calling my name instead of the dishes in the sink.

Till then,


Shop Your Local Produce Markets!

Greetings from rainy Chattanooga!

This past weekend, Mike, Hank, and myself loaded into the car and drove to one of our local produce markets, Linda's. There are two locations in Chattanooga and they are both fabulous! We have shopped at Linda's before, but only sporadically. However, this weekend, we were on a mission.
Linda's Produce

If your family is anything like ours, then you attempt to create healthy meal and snack choices on a weekly basis. This means purchasing lots of produce to create these said meals. Well, after we examined our grocery receipts, we discovered we were spending around fifty or sixty dollars a week on produce only!

So, this weekend, all we changed was where we purchased our produce. Menu planning stayed the same. Here is all we came out with:

-Honeybell Oranges - never tried this variety, but SO good!
-Romaine Lettuce
-Sweet Peppers
-Green Cabbage
-Green Onions

TOTAL: 31.00 

We were absolutely blown away - that is half of what we normally spend on produce!Shopping a produce market is much different that your comfortable, well-lit, coffee serving supermarket, but the difference pays off!

Here in Chattanooga, we are lucky to have a lot of different options for purchasing produce, some we didn't even know about. We are even thinking about joining a farm-share (more on this later). This weekend, buy your produce from a local business and save yourself some hard earned money!

*Please note: I am not sponsored or required to support Linda's Produce. I am simply a pleased consumer.