Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catching up with 6 1/2 Months!

Alright, I know....I have not been as diligent with my month by month posts as I was the first four months of Hank's life.This mom stuff is time consuming! However, it is absolutely the best way to consume time EVER.

It is safe to say that our little family is settling in nicely. A couple that used to be on the go all the time suddenly enjoys a Friday and Saturday at home, laying on the floor, watching their adorable little man learn to push his tiny body up on all fours.

Without further adieu, here's what Hank as been up to....

*Hank's Stats: 
Weight: 19lbs. 10.5 oz
Height: 27.45 inches

*Hank's Firsts: 
-He was baptized on September 16th! Both sets of grandparents were there, along with his Auntie Katie! It was definitely a special day for our family.
-First Halloween - he was an adorable, little owl!
-Eating lots of new foods! So far he has tried peas, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, carrots, and green beans. His current favorites are peas, green beans, and carrots.

*Hank's Got Skills: 
-Sits up all on his own now. We still stick a pillow behind him though as he tends to get excited and fall backwards!
-Rolls ALL over the place! For awhile there, he would only roll one way, but it's full steam ahead now!
-The latest development is the most fun! Earlier this week, we caught him pushing up on all fours and rocking back an forth. Better start childproofing....
-The cutest development is his clapping. He has actually started doing it when he gets excited. Then I get excited. Then he gets excited. It's a completely vicious and adorable cycle.
-Oh, he can kinda hold a bottle. (See picture and check out those guns!)
-My kid is a total flirt already. I am in trouble...

I have included a few extra pictures for your viewing pleasure! I take SO MANY pictures. Just as an example, I am in the process of cleaning out and transferring pics from my iPhone as I have no more room for any more! Yikes! 

Thanks for stopping by - we will do better next month!


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