Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who Needs a Hobby?

So, recently I was perusing some reading material and it was all about how every stay at home mom should have a healthy relationship with a hobby or two. This got me thinking, "What are my hobbies? Do I even have one anymore?" (Cue the guilt trip, pity party tunes now)

After I eventually pulled myself out of hobbiless despair, I decided that I should do what any normal, hot-blooded, walking, talking human would do - Google it. With a gleam in my eye, I carefully typed, "I need a hobby", and this is what I found.

Yes, it was a comprehensive list of hobbies! My problem had been solved! I spent the next twenty-four hours referencing this list and here are a few hobbies that I am looking forward to enjoying in my spare time:

1. Aircraft Spotting - who knew that this has been a hobby of mine for years?!?! Every time an aircraft flies over, I look up! Spotted it! Hobby #1 complete!

2. Casino Gambling - I am sure no one would frown on me playing the slots with Hank's stroller in the aisle! Do you get free drinks and food if there are two of you? Bring on the big money, baby!

3. Glowsticking - DONE. I do pretend glow-sticking every time a semi-techno sounding song is playing.

4. People Watching - ah, so my guilty pleasure is considered an actual hobby!

5. Pyrotechnics - now this one just sounds cool. "Ashley, what's your hobby?" And I respond, "Duh, pyrotechnics...would you expect any less???" By the way the International Safety Patrol in me is actually quite concerned that someone actually considers setting things on fire and blowing items up a hobby.

6. Sleeping - really? If so, count me in.

7.Tetris - beat it already. Hobby over. :(

I really can't wait to get started with my new hobbies (minus Tetris)! Thank goodness for Google!

Gotta go, lots to do!


All sarcasm aside, I finally realized that I do indeed have hobbies. They are not the ones listed above. However, if you are lacking in the hobby category, that website is for you!

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