Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who Needs a Hobby?

So, recently I was perusing some reading material and it was all about how every stay at home mom should have a healthy relationship with a hobby or two. This got me thinking, "What are my hobbies? Do I even have one anymore?" (Cue the guilt trip, pity party tunes now)

After I eventually pulled myself out of hobbiless despair, I decided that I should do what any normal, hot-blooded, walking, talking human would do - Google it. With a gleam in my eye, I carefully typed, "I need a hobby", and this is what I found.

Yes, it was a comprehensive list of hobbies! My problem had been solved! I spent the next twenty-four hours referencing this list and here are a few hobbies that I am looking forward to enjoying in my spare time:

1. Aircraft Spotting - who knew that this has been a hobby of mine for years?!?! Every time an aircraft flies over, I look up! Spotted it! Hobby #1 complete!

2. Casino Gambling - I am sure no one would frown on me playing the slots with Hank's stroller in the aisle! Do you get free drinks and food if there are two of you? Bring on the big money, baby!

3. Glowsticking - DONE. I do pretend glow-sticking every time a semi-techno sounding song is playing.

4. People Watching - ah, so my guilty pleasure is considered an actual hobby!

5. Pyrotechnics - now this one just sounds cool. "Ashley, what's your hobby?" And I respond, "Duh, pyrotechnics...would you expect any less???" By the way the International Safety Patrol in me is actually quite concerned that someone actually considers setting things on fire and blowing items up a hobby.

6. Sleeping - really? If so, count me in.

7.Tetris - beat it already. Hobby over. :(

I really can't wait to get started with my new hobbies (minus Tetris)! Thank goodness for Google!

Gotta go, lots to do!


All sarcasm aside, I finally realized that I do indeed have hobbies. They are not the ones listed above. However, if you are lacking in the hobby category, that website is for you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fun Has Only Just Begun...

Quick riddle for you brave souls who actually read this blog: What has doubled in size, makes high pitched noises, and is always moving?

A Hank!

This past Saturday (August 18th), was Hank's 4 Month Birthday! We celebrated by staying home since we had just returned from a fun beach trip to Tybee Island, GA with my family. :)

Here is what has been going on in our little bubble:

*Like I said above, we took our little family to Tybee Island to spend five days with my parents, sister, sister's boyfriend, two great aunts, and a great uncle. Hank did great during the six hour drive. We only had to stop twice each way! Let's hope he is always such a fantastic traveler. (Cue the laughter from experienced parents...)
*Lots of "talking"! Hank is a big fan of the "raspberry" noise right now, which involves a large amount of drool and bubbles. Also, every now and then, he will let out a loud, high pitched noise and just look at you,confused about where that sound just came from.
*Loving his exersaucer, jumper contraption! He finally figured out that he could bounce up and down - it's the little things for Hank, people.
*Two weeks ago, me and Hank were sitting on the front porch waiting on Mike to come home. I had him sitting, leaned up against me, when all of a sudden he leaned forward completely on his own! I was so excited, I set him up to do it over and over and over again! It's the little things for Hank's mommy, people. :)
*He LOVES standing up on his little, yet surprisingly strong legs! You can't help but laugh when he is standing because he looks like a tiny little man.
*Hank is pretty much sleeping through the night - YAY! Every now and then he wakes up once a night, but it's almost safe to say we have nailed that. However, I am currently knocking on wood to prevent a future blog post about how he never sleeps...hahaha...
*He no longer needs the infant adapter in either of his strollers! Pretty soon, he will be in a bigger car seat too! Less than four pounds to go there! 
*He smiles constantly and giggles - best sound EVER.
*Oh, he has discovered the art of kicking in the bathtub. Loves it. Every time one of his legs move and the water splashes it's like he has made this amazing discovery. That is so fun to watch - I can't wait to watch him discover more and more in the months to come!

So, there's your Hank update that you all have been on the edge of your seat's to another fun-filled, happy, and exciting month as we approach the world of sitting up, solid foods, a bigger car seat, and who knows what else!

 Up next on the blog horizon: BEACH POST!

Till then,